Activity: Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing has become pretty popular lately, with new gyms popping up everywhere. It’s a fun social way to exercise your entire body. It also does amazing things for hand and forearm strength. The down side is that it can be on the expensive side.

You’ll need…

  • Rock Climbing Shoes
    • Decent ones cost around $100. It’s worth it.
    • Rentals can usually be had for $2-5
  • Chalk
    • A bag with powder chalk to keep your hands from slipping
  • (Optional) Belay harness
    • Only needed if you’re doing the highwalls, can be rented for $2-5

I suggest sticking to Bouldering when you’re first getting into it. That’s all I’m doing right now, I’m new to it and I’m more than satisfied with it, I like being able to take up paths way out of my skill level, so when I get stuck, being able to drop down is nice.

Something I’d like to make mention of is when my buddy and I first got started with it, we couldn’t stay at the gym for much longer than an hour, our hands would get so weak, opening the car door was a chore, trying to keep climbing was pointless. It was a little frustrating, but  after a week or two, our hands got stronger, then blisters on our hands was the next problem. In total it took about a month for our hands to fully adjust, and then our memberships expired and we didn’t want to pay for new ones at that gym because how far it was (30 minute drive). Fast forward 2 or 3 months, we found a gym closer to us and we are working on getting our hands readjusted.

Rock climbing is a great place to meet new people, the atmosphere at the gyms that I’ve been to is always very relaxed and friendly, everybody is just there to have fun.

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