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Free Fitness Apps on Android

I found an android app in the market a few days ago designed to get you to be able to do 125 push-ups by the end of the program. Best part? It’s completely free! There aren’t even annoying ads (from what I’ve seen) or a pro version, the developer made the app for the sole purpose of helping people get fit. I like that.

It’s a pretty simple app, you start the program by setting your goal (125 push-ups), then it tells you to do a max rep workout, meaning, do as many push-ups as you can. Record the # of push-ups you did and you’re set. It creates a workout for you and when you are ready to do it, just pretty “Start Todays Push-ups”. It tells you when to do the push-ups, the cadence you should do them at, when and how long to take your breaks. Then at the end, it asks you to rate the workout, was it too easy, just right, or too hard? It uses that to determine what your next workout will be like.

So I thought this app was pretty cool and I was wondering what other apps the developer had, so I checked out his page and found that he also has a version for Pull-ups, Sit-ups, and Squats. Sounds awesome! They are all basically the same thing, but the numbers and the workout are different (obviously).

These apps are great if you’re new and you need to develop some core strength. If you have never done any kind of fitness training before and you have an android phone, I’d suggest starting off with these apps, and then moving forward to SimpleFit and C25K. I’m somewhat leery to suggest doing both SimpleFit and C25K together because you don’t want to Train to Failure but in both the SimpleFit community and the C25K community, the people who see the best results alternate cardio and strength training. Listen to your body, don’t take anyone’s advice if it feels like it might be causing physical harm to your body. There is no shame in taking it slow, slow progress is better than no progress.

If you want to check them out, here are an assortment of links for downloading these apps…

Rittr Labs in the Play Store


Sit Ups



Developers website

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