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Seated Russian Twist

The Seated Russian Twist (sometimes referred to as the V Twist) is an intermediate ab workout that strengthen your abs and lower back. They can be very effective when done with good form, and can cause permanent damage to your

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Progression to Planche Push-Ups: Step 3

The Tuck Planche This article is a part of the Progression to Planche Push-Ups series and assumes that you’ve completed Step 1: The Pseudo Planche and Step 2: The Frog Stand in the series. The third step in the progression

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Bodyweight Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows are an excellent  beginner, intermediate, and advanced bodyweight exercise. They target several muscle groups that many people wish to bulk up, and due to the nature of the exercise, the intensity can be adjusted to your specific fitness

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Importance of Sleep and its affect on Fitness

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that sleep plays a crucial role on your physical fitness. Some things are obvious, while others may not be so obvious. Regardless your fitness goals, depriving yourself of sleep it making you

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Bench Dips: Guide to Perfect Form

Bench Dips, also known as chair dips, are often regarded as one of the best tricep exercises. There isn’t much question as to why either. When done with perfect form, bench dips are a great bodyweight workout that isolates the

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Angry Birds Workout Plan

Get Fit Angry Birds Style! I recently stumbled upon a rather interesting calisthenic routine created by a guy named Steve Kamb over at NerdFitness. Before I get into the details of the routine, I’d like to go over something really

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Dive Bomber Push-Ups

How to do Dive Bomber Push-Ups with Perfect Form Dive Bomber Push-Ups, sometimes called Chinese Push-Ups, are a great push-up variation. They work many of the same muscles as the Hindu Push-Up, and are actually quite similar. As always, remember to

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Why you should use a Standing Desk

Why should you use a Standing Desk? Standing desks are a growing fad for those who spend a large portion of their day on the computer. While it may be a “fad”, the benefits of using one are undeniable. Whether

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The Hindu Push-up

How to do Hindu Push-ups with Perfect Form Hindu Push-ups are a great variation of the push-up for numerous reasons. They add a bit of intensity to the workout and they require the use of a few extra muscle groups

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Hindu Squats

How to do Hindu Squats with Perfect Form Hindu Squats are a great muscular and cardiovascular workout that I encourage you all to try. They work work all of your leg muscles, just like bodyweight squats, but bring in an

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