C25K and SimpleFit

Combining Couch 2 5K and SimpleFit

The other day I decided I wanted more structure for my workouts and I’ve been unable to progress further towards the planche past the advanced frog stand, and after having done a review on both SimpleFit and C25K, I realized that the combination of the two would be a pretty effective workout, leaving few stones unturned. I decided that I can start out doing both, it might be a little easy at first, but it will keep me busy and hopefully help me progress past the frog stand.

I’ll update stats every day, but I’ll keep these posts out of the instructional sections. We’ll see how far I decide to go into the SimpleFit program, if I can find a better program to follow, I’ll probably switch after I finish the beginner course. If I can’t find a better program, I’ll just keep on keeping on with SimpleFit. I’ve talked about SimpleFit only being good for beginners and once you finish up the beginner course, it probably isn’t worth going on. I may have been wrong with that because during the past week I’ve been trying to get loser to completing the planche, I felt like I was doing good and getting closer, which I am, but I can’t move past the frog stand. This leads me to believe that I’m lacking strength in certain areas, so I feel it’s necessary to go back to the basics to try and figure out what I’m missing.

I’ll still be posting instructional posts, but I’m starting to run dry on them. I don’t want to give instruction on things that I can’t do yet, as I feel it’s best to teach from first hand experience. Regardless, there are still lots of topics that I can cover, and I hope you’ll benefit from both this log and all my guides.


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