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Android Fitness: Free Bodyweight Workout Apps

Free Fitness Apps on Android I found an android app in the market a few days ago designed to get you to be able to do 125 push-ups by the end of the program. Best part? It’s completely free! There

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Is SimpleFit worth my time? SimpleFit is an easy to use free workout program that is designed to help people burn fat and build muscle without any equipment. It’s beginner and intermediate course is top notch for people new to

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Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing Tabata rowing sprints are another great tabata method workout. Like the Tabata Burpee, it is an intense exercise that grizzles fat and shreds your muscles. Rowing sprints are a full body exercise, which make it a

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Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees Tabata Burpees are a crazy cardio/strength training hybrid that will melt fat and tone your muscles. In what is the tabata method, I taught you what the tabata method is, I made reference to this exercise,

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Breaking Down Your Fitness Goals

Breaking down your Fitness Goal In order to be truly fit, you need to master a number of things. First and foremost, you need to be mentally prepared. By being mentally prepared, I mean that you need to know what

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How to set your fitness goals

Setting fitness goals that you can obtain In my last few posts I’ve talked a lot about fitness goals, and then I realized that you may not know how to set fitness goals, and if you do, you may be

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The Sit-Up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect sit-up In this post I’m going to tell you guys how to do a perfect sit-up. These first few posts might not be that exciting for many of you, but I think they are important

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The Bodyweight Squat : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect bodyweight squat The squat is one of the easiest bodyweight exercises you can do. They are easy to perform, and due to the nature of the exercise, it can burn calories faster than most other

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The Pull-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect Pull-up. Form is important when doing a pull-up. Below we go over having perfect form when doing a pull-up, and how to work your way to doing your first pull-up. Just like the push-up, you’ve

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The Push-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect push-up. You’ve probably been doing push-ups since you where just a wee lad or lass, or not. Either way, when I see people doing push-ups, nine times out of ten, they have horrible form and

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