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How to Stretch for Bodyweight Squats

How to Stretch when doing Bodyweight Squats This article is going to teach you how to stretch when performing  bodyweight squat. Squats are one of my personal favorite bodyweight workouts, it works some of the largest muscles in your body and

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How to Stretch For Sit-ups

How to Stretch for Sit-ups In this post, we are going to go over how to stretch before and after sit-ups. I’m going to try and format this post in a new way, and I’d like to get some feedback

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How to Stretch For Pull-ups

How to stretch before and after doing pull-ups Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any one video that specifically goes over how to stretch for pull-ups. Fear not, I’ll do my best at explaining the stretches and will use picture illustration whenever

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How to Stretch For Push-ups

How to Stretch Before and After Push-ups How to stretch when doing push-ups. Stretch before push-ups? Does anybody even do that? Yes, actually yes they do. As I said in Importance of Stretching, stretching prevents injury and increases flexibility. When

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How to Stretch : Introduction to Stretching

Learning How to Stretch : The Importance of Stretching We’ve gone over proper form with the four basic bodyweight workouts, and it’s time I tell you how to stretch. Most people don’t stretch when doing bodyweight workouts, I actually just

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