My Honest Opinion on CrossFit

I’ve done a lot of reading on crossfit, and I watched their WODs (workout of the day) for a while. I had considered trying the program out, but I ended up coming to the conclusion that the program can be dangerous. You can make the argument that it isn’t the program’s fault that people don’t listen to their bodies, and it would be a valid argument, but the nature of the program encourages participants to ignore what their body is saying. Before I go into too much more detail though, I’d like to talk about the good of the program.


CrossFit balances out and covers all aspects of fitness. Cardio, endurance, strength, power, speed, etc.. It’s all in the program. This gives you foundation in all aspects of fitness. This is really the only good thing I have to say about crossfit though.


The nature of CrossFit is kind of high risk. It is NOT beginner friendly. Many people have gotten injured following the program. The program trains you to “push past the pain”, it also encourages competition. Some of the workouts tell you to complete an exercise X amount of times, in under X minutes. Some of the workouts like this really shouldn’t be done as even a highly conditioned athlete would have trouble doing it in that time with good form. In short, the nature of CrossFit seems to compromise form for speed. When you try to do an exercise faster that you should be, just to go faster, you have a much higher chance of injuring yourself. Additionally, they tell you to keep going and don’t stop, so basically it’s like this… Go as fast as you can, compromising good form for speed is common, and don’t stop when it hurts. This is kind of a recipe for disaster, and disaster is fairly common within the program.


It really just boils down to listening to your body. The program can be great if you make sure that good form is more important and you are willing to stop if you feel like you might injure yourself. The only problem with that is that if you are putting form over the other aspects of the program, you aren’t really following the program any more because you aren’t doing the competition or the unrealistic timed exercises (which are main aspects of the program). I would not suggest CrossFit to anybody, especially people new to fitness simply because an injury in CrossFit will usually put you out of commission for at least a month and it isn’t worth it in my opinion.

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