Dive Bomber Push-Ups

How to do Dive Bomber Push-Ups with Perfect Form

Dive Bomber Push-Ups, sometimes called Chinese Push-Ups, are a great push-up variation. They work many of the same muscles as the Hindu Push-Up, and are actually quite similar. As always, remember to stretch prior to your workout. For this particular exercise, be sure to stretch for push-ups. For best results, try and do this exercise slowly, take your time, and put all your focus on your form.

How To Do Dive bombers

Dive Bomber Push-Ups

To start, get into push-up position with your hands slightly greater than shoulder-width apart. Raise your butt into the air while keeping your legs straight. Your body should be shaped like an upside-down V (refer to the diagram above), this will be your starting position. If this position feels “tight” or uncomfortable, you should stop and stretch whatever muscles felt tight. To begin the actual exercise, you’ll be simultaneously bringing your butt down and “leaning forward” to keep your weight above your hands. As your butt is making the last of its descent, push your shoulders up which brings us to the halfway mark. If you’re comparing this to a regular push-up, think of this position as being the down position. Now, you’ll be reversing all the motions you’ve done so far. Simultaneously you’ll be bending your elbows, bringing your weight straight down, while raising your butt into the air. Once your arms are all the way down, the next step is to push them back up and return to the starting position.

If this was difficult to understand, here is a video showing what it should look like in motion.


In the video above, she starts at the half-way point I described above, you can do this if you’d like, but I feel it’s easier to make sure your hands and feet are in the right position when starting at the top. Remember, Dive Bomber Push-Ups are a challenging exercise so depending on your level of fitness start off trying for 3, then work your way up to 10 or more. Remember to go slow, focus on form, and breathe deep.

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