GOMAD diet

What is GOMAD?

Why on earth would I want to GOMAD? I value my sanity. Relax, GOMAD is just a diet, and it doesn’t make you actually go mad (though people might think you have). GOMAD stands for Gallon-Of-Milk-A-Day, it also brings to mind mad cow disease, which makes you think of beef/meat (at least it does for me). This is probably the most simple diet of them all. GOMAD is where you drink a gallon of whole fat milk every day, in addition to eating other food as you normally would. This diet is intended to help you bulk up because of milk’s ideal macro nutrient profile and calorie content. One gallon of whole milk has about 2400 calories (exact number is dependent on the brand). Those calories are comprised of 200 grams of carbs (the good ones), 120 grams of fat (also the good kind), and 120 grams of protein. Additionally it has loads of essential vitamins and minerals available  for a fairly low price.

The saturated fats in GOMAD boost your bodies testosterone levels, so you’ll feel like a king, want to work out, hit on women, and you’ll build more muscle and have more endurance, at least in theory. For more information on GOMAD, check out this article found on Strong Lifts.

I accidentally adopted a diet close to GOMAD when I decided to just start eating what I felt like I was craving when I realized I was deficient of something. My current diet (6/15/2012) has been something like this…

  • 1/2 gallon – 3/4 gallon of whole milk
  • Lots of salt (my water retention got really bad, I didn’t realize it was a sodium deficit until I tried licking salt off my hand and wondered why it was delicious).
  • 12-16oz of fatty meat
  • 1-2 cups of fruit
  • 1-2 cups of vegetables

Sometimes if I feel like I need some complex carbs I’ll have a sandwich, but that isn’t too often.

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