The Pull-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect Pull-up.

Form is important when doing a pull-up. Below we go over having perfect form when doing a pull-up, and how to work your way to doing your first pull-up.

Just like the push-up, you’ve probably done them before, maybe not as much as you’ve done push-ups, but chances are, your form is bad. Fortunately, bad form with a pull-up has little risk of injury, but in order to ensure you are focusing on the muscle groups you want to, having good form is a must.

Like the push-up, the positioning of your hands allows you to select which muscles you want to target for the calisthenic exercise. There are also a large number of variations, such as…

calisthenic muscle-up

The Muscle-up

One-handed pull-up

The One-Handed Pull-Up

For more variations, see the Wikipedia page.

There are a large number of variations, but before we start getting into those, lets get the basics down. Remember, before you can run you must learn to walk, and before you can walk you must first learn to crawl.

Here is a quick video tutorial on a pull-up

If you aren’t able to do a pull-up yet, don’t worry, lots of people can’t (for those that can, just skip down past the video). Don’t give up though, there are a few options you can do to work your way to doing a pull-up. The first, and probably the preferred way are the pull-up training bands. You wrap a knee into it and start doing pull-ups. This cost’s a little money though, so if you are on a budget, this video demonstrates a great alternative…



As you can see, he is using a chair to get up to the bar, then he uses his muscles to slowly lower himself down. Remember to use the same form outlined in the above video, otherwise you won’t be targeting your muscles properly and getting to be able to do them unassisted will take longer.


Pull-ups are a great calisthenic exercise, and are actually one of my personal favorites. The once you are comfortable doing a few sets of 10-20 reps with perfect form, you might want to start looking into some of the harder variations. I’ll make posts on those later.

As we start to cover more of the basics, I’ll start compiling a few beginner calisthenic routines that you can base your own routine on. If you strive to push yourself, you’ll reach your fitness goals and will find new goals. So long as you keep pushing your limits, you’ll find your body can do things you had never thought possible. Have fun with it and you’ll reach your goals in no time.

Other resources related to the pull-up…




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