The Push-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect push-up.

You’ve probably been doing push-ups since you where just a wee lad or lass, or not. Either way, when I see people doing push-ups, nine times out of ten, they have horrible form and it makes me want to scream. Bad form is bad for a number of reasons…

  • You can injure yourself
  • You might not be working the right muscles
  • You might make it too easy for yourself
  • You might be making it a lot harder than it needs to be
Here is a minute long tutorial I found on youtube.

As they said in the video, you need to keep your core straight! This is the most important part, sagging your back can risk injury, and having your butt up high makes it too easy (or too hard, depending on how strong your shoulders are).

Something they didn’t say in the video that I think is important is the location of your hands. The location of your hands aren’t nearly as important as keeping a straight back, but when doing a “traditional” push-up, your hands should be directly beneath your shoulders.

By changing where your hands are placed, you can also change which muscles you are focusing on, but I’ll make some posts about that later.


How to do a perfect push-up

Here is another good example of a perfect form push-up.

Having good form for the first few sets of push-ups is easy, but once you get tired you’ll start to slack a bit, this is normal, don’t beat yourself up, but when it’s getting to the point that you are having trouble keeping form, stop counting your push-ups and start doing as many as you can while keeping good form. While doing a set and your form starts to slip, the set is over. Repeat until you are satisfied with your workout.

If you have any questions or requests, let me know and I’ll be happy to touch down on a topic.

Sidenote : I’m not a fan of the “Perfect Push-Up” thing you see in stores. Some people love them, I’m not one of those people. If you like them though,  great, go ahead and use it, they allow you to get lower down that you would normally be able to, thus working a wider range of motion.

Here are some other good resources regarding how to do a push-up…
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