Progression to Planche Push-ups: Step 1

How to begin progression to a Planche Push-up: Pseudo Planche

Before starting a progression to the Planche Push-up, you should know that being able to do one-handed push-ups will make it a lot easier for you to progress. It isn’t essential though, and if you can’t do one-handed push-ups yet, I suggest you work on progressing to both at the same time. You should be able to meet the same requirements as you do for one-handed push-ups, which mean, you should be able to consecutively do 50-100 perfect push-ups, and/or 3 sets of 30. As with all progressions, it is important to remember to stretch to prevent injury as you are likely to have bad form when starting, and you may overwork yourself.

The pseudo planche push-up isn’t very difficult muscle wise as long as you meet the requirements stated above, but if you are like me, your wrists will need to gain some strength and flexibility before you can do the planche push-up. While the pseudo planche also works your shoulders more than regular push-ups, if while doing the pseudo planche, you don’t feel any tension or discomfort in your wrists, you can skip the pseudo planche and jump straight to the frog stand, which is more taxing on your wrists, but works your shoulders much more, which is needed to progress to the planche push-up.

It’s pretty simple, this guy does a nice demonstration. Straight back, though I suggest looking at the ground instead of forward. Once you have these down you are then able to move on to the next step, which I mentioned above, the frog stand. This bodyweight workout is a bit harder, and really shreds your shoulders, which is one of the main muscles used in the planche push-up. I’d like to add that you’ll amaze yourself as you progress towards, and through the planche push-up. What you used to consider “hard” or “impossible” will be a walk in the park compared to the next progression. Keep working it!

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