Is SimpleFit worth my time?

SimpleFit is an easy to use free workout program that is designed to help people burn fat and build muscle without any equipment. It’s beginner and intermediate course is top notch for people new to fitness. It allows you get get into fitness without worrying that you are missing something.  It is intended for anybody at any fitness level, but there comes a point in the program where you would be better off developing your own program. While there isn’t inherently wrong with the “Advanced” level, once you reach that point, you’ll have a good foundation to work on your own and you’ll more likely enjoy doing your own thing at that point verse following 3 times a week program.

My favorite aspect of SimpleFit is how it gradually works you into a fitness lifestyle by requiring only 3 workouts a week. This is a key factor for beginners, unlike many other programs that have you get in it and work your ass off from day one, which can be demeaning and might urge you to give up. SimpleFit knows that if you really want to succeed and really make a permanent lifestyle change, you need to be eased into it. Don’t think that it’ll be easy though, SimpleFit is intended to be customized to each individual, you’ll need to push yourself to see results, but that holds true in any aspect of fitness.

SimpleFit covers all aspects of fitness, from diet, to support and motivation found in their community. They encourage the Paleo diet while doing the program, but people in their community also encourage Keto. To understand how the program works, I suggest your read their Details page, but in short, each of the 3 workout days per week have a “Theme”. Day 1 focuses on Endurance, Day 2 focuses on Strength, and Day 3 focuses on Explosive Force (or as they call it “Judgement”). These are also the 3 things that I focus on in my fitness routine. Many programs like to try and put some focus on one or two of the  aspects, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to work on all 3, as they each have their own merits, so I’m glad to see SimpleFit put focus on all three.


In short I’d say that SimpleFit is something that anybody new to fitness should give a try at the very least. The program will give you the required foundation of diet and exercise you’ll need for long-term fitness. My main two gripes with the program are that the program doesn’t put any focus on ab targeted exercises like sit-ups. While push-ups and pull-ups work your abs, I’m of the belief that you could be doing more. Second, is that 3 workouts a week aren’t enough after your body has adapted to a active lifestyle, and you’ll probably be wanting to do more at that point (advanced level, and maybe even intermediate, depending on the person).

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