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Swimming as an Exercise

A few days ago we learned how and why you should make your workouts fun, and swimming is a prime example. Many people have loved to swim since they where children. Other people never got the chance. If you don’t know how to swim, check Youtube, you can learn. It really isn’t hard, you just need to stay calm.

Swimming is a great exercise because it is a full body cardio. It engages all of your muscles, and puts no stress on your joints/bones. This is great because you can exercise for a longer duration, without risking injury. My favorite aspect is how invigorating it is. You jump into the water, and your entire body jumps from the cool temperature of the water. You get into it and you start swimming away, you get into this synchronized zone, no external stimulation to distract you, if your phone rings, you won’t hear it. Somebody can even be calling your name and you won’t hear them. It’s hard to explain, but the easiest way that I can describe it is you get into a peaceful zone. I often achieve this with regular workouts, but I can get distracted easily. When you are swimming, somebody usually has to throw something at you or try and get your attention as you’re approaching the wall.

As you swim, your body never gets too hot, you don’t feel dehydrated (but you can get dehydrated easily, so make sure you are drinking water). You’re working out a large range of motion on your arms, neck, back, chest, and abs. Your legs get a fairly complete workout as well. If you push long and hard enough, you might start to get a bit hot (not too hot, just hotter than you’d like to be). Fortunately, fixing this is easy. All you need to do is hug the wall for a minute or so, then do a nice cool-off lap. Do it nice and slow, take your time and relax. Within a few seconds, you’ll get that same invigorating feeling that you got when you first jumped it the water. It will energize you and you’ll be ready to go again.

Finding somebody who likes swimming won’t be hard if you’d like to have a buddy, many people do. You can race them, or play water games.

Do you enjoy swimming? What’s your favorite fun exercise? What is your favorite thing about the activity that you like?

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