Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees

Tabata Burpees are a crazy cardio/strength training hybrid that will melt fat and tone your muscles. In what is the tabata method, I taught you what the tabata method is, I made reference to this exercise, and I even expressed my love-hate relationship with it. In terms of fat burning exercises, I’d probably rank it one of the most effective. Tabata burpees are simply burpees done using the tabata time method. So you do 8 sets of burpees, 20 seconds of max intensity, 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 4 minutes of exercise.

So here is a short video to show you how to do the burpee…

If you have the mental drive, 4 minutes of tabata burpees a few times a week will shed those pounds like no other. I know that sounds great, and right you you’re probably thinking “Oh, I can just push past it and then I’ll be fine”. Trust me, it’s much easier said than done. This exercise is exhausting, and can even feel a bit uncomfortable when you are first getting into it, in the last 2-3 sets, your heart will be racing VERY fast, quite possibly faster than you’ve ever felt before. You may get nauseated and vomit (or just really nauseous). You’ll be dripping sweat and will probably be dizzy, but you still have one or two more sets to go. If you quit now, you’ll feel like it’s incomplete and you’ll get mad at yourself, if you keep going, you feel like you might die (not likely you will, you’ll pass out before anything seriously bad could happen). My point here is, this exercise is pretty extreme for people who aren’t conditioned and despite it’s fat burning abilities, I would advise against it if you aren’t already somewhat conditioned.

That being said, if you are still interested in doing this exercise and you pretty out of shape, proceed with caution, be careful, and be ready to stop if things get too bad. Do not let not being able to do this workout diminish your determination to do other exercises, just work on doing push-ups and squats and you’ll be ready in a few weeks.

If you are out of shape and you are able to complete this exercise without too many adverse effects, don’t commit to doing this every day, because then you will get lots of adverse effects. You can work up to doing this everyday, but start with 2 times a week. The exercise is intended to be done 3-4 times a week, once you can do this, wonderful! Feel free to try and work it into your daily routine if you’d like.  Tabata burpees are a great exercise, if you can commit yourself.

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