Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing

Tabata rowing sprints are another great tabata method workout. Like the Tabata Burpee, it is an intense exercise that grizzles fat and shreds your muscles. Rowing sprints are a full body exercise, which make it a great workout to apply the tabata method to. This exercise does require a rowing machine, so if you aren’t able to get one/use one, this post won’t be of much use to you. Rowing machines are pretty common though, if you go to school, the rec center probably has one that you can use. What I suggest though is using craigslist to get one for free/very cheap, people give them away/sell them for $20-50 all the time and usually they are in like-new condition.

Once you are on a machine, the exercise is pretty easy. Here is a video of a guy doing tabata rowing sprints…

When using a rowing machine, you want to keep your arms and hands straight all throughout the workout. You don’t want to dip your hands down at the top at all, keep your hands and arms level with your chest throughout the entire workout. This is very hard, especially when doing tabata rowing sprints.

Depending on the style of rowing machine you have access to, you might be able to do what this guy does and turn it into a brutal leg workout.

Tabata rowing sprints are probably on the same level of difficulty that the tabata burpees are, so you should be careful when first getting into them. I would say that with this exercise, you probably won’t experience as many negative effects because it’s more of a muscular workout than it is cardio. Don’t get me wrong though, your heart will be racing, and you’ll be sweating bullets, it’s just that your arm and leg muscles will likely tire out before your heart starts telling your body that you’re working too hard.

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