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Progression to Planche Push-ups: Step 1

How to begin progression to a Planche Push-up: Pseudo Planche Before starting a progression to the Planche Push-up, you should know that being able to do one-handed push-ups will make it a lot easier for you to progress. It isn’t essential

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Progression to Muscle-up

How to do a Muscle-up Learning how to do a muscle-up is the next step that follows the perfect pull-up. Muscle-ups are a nice way to get a bit more out of a pull-up, you work a lot more muscles

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Progression to One-Handed Push-ups

How to do One-Handed Push-ups So you want to learn how to do a one-handed push-up hu? That’s awesome! One-handed push-ups are KILLER tricep bodyweight workouts. Before you can do one-handed push-ups though, you’ll need to master Perfect From Push-Ups.

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The Sit-Up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect sit-up In this post I’m going to tell you guys how to do a perfect sit-up. These first few posts might not be that exciting for many of you, but I think they are important

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The Pull-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect Pull-up. Form is important when doing a pull-up. Below we go over having perfect form when doing a pull-up, and how to work your way to doing your first pull-up. Just like the push-up, you’ve

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The Push-up : Guide to Perfect Form

How to do a perfect push-up. You’ve probably been doing push-ups since you where just a wee lad or lass, or not. Either way, when I see people doing push-ups, nine times out of ten, they have horrible form and

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