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My Honest Opinion on CrossFit I’ve done a lot of reading on crossfit, and I watched their WODs (workout of the day) for a while. I had considered trying the program out, but I ended up coming to the conclusion

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Android Fitness: Free Bodyweight Workout Apps

Free Fitness Apps on Android I found an android app in the market a few days ago designed to get you to be able to do 125 push-ups by the end of the program. Best part? It’s completely free! There

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Is SimpleFit worth my time? SimpleFit is an easy to use free workout program that is designed to help people burn fat and build muscle without any equipment. It’s beginner and intermediate course is top notch for people new to

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Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Rowing Tabata rowing sprints are another great tabata method workout. Like the Tabata Burpee, it is an intense exercise that grizzles fat and shreds your muscles. Rowing sprints are a full body exercise, which make it a

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Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees

Tabata Exercises: Tabata Burpees Tabata Burpees are a crazy cardio/strength training hybrid that will melt fat and tone your muscles. In what is the tabata method, I taught you what the tabata method is, I made reference to this exercise,

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Progression to Planche Push-ups: Step 2

Progression to Planche Push-ups: The Frog Stand Once you feel comfortable doing the pseudo planche push-up, you can move onto the next step, the frog stand. This bodyweight workout puts focus on working out your shoulders, your shoulders are one

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Progression to Planche Push-ups: Step 1

How to begin progression to a Planche Push-up: Pseudo Planche Before starting a progression to the Planche Push-up, you should know that being able to do one-handed push-ups will make it a lot easier for you to progress. It isn’t essential

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Progression to Muscle-up

How to do a Muscle-up Learning how to do a muscle-up is the next step that follows the perfect pull-up. Muscle-ups are a nice way to get a bit more out of a pull-up, you work a lot more muscles

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Progression to One-Handed Push-ups

How to do One-Handed Push-ups So you want to learn how to do a one-handed push-up hu? That’s awesome! One-handed push-ups are KILLER tricep bodyweight workouts. Before you can do one-handed push-ups though, you’ll need to master Perfect From Push-Ups.

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What is Circuit Training?

What is Circuit Training? Circuit Training is a variation of Interval Training. It is a very old tactic, some might say it’s out-dated, but people still practice it and get fantastic results. It is ideal for when you are trying

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