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Progression to Planche Push-Ups: Step 3

The Tuck Planche This article is a part of the Progression to Planche Push-Ups series and assumes that you’ve completed Step 1: The Pseudo Planche and Step 2: The Frog Stand in the series. The third step in the progression

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Angry Birds Workout Plan

Get Fit Angry Birds Style! I recently stumbled upon a rather interesting calisthenic routine created by a guy named Steve Kamb over at NerdFitness. Before I get into the details of the routine, I’d like to go over something really

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Dive Bomber Push-Ups

How to do Dive Bomber Push-Ups with Perfect Form Dive Bomber Push-Ups, sometimes called Chinese Push-Ups, are a great push-up variation. They work many of the same muscles as the Hindu Push-Up, and are actually quite similar. As always, remember to

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The Hindu Push-up

How to do Hindu Push-ups with Perfect Form Hindu Push-ups are a great variation of the push-up for numerous reasons. They add a bit of intensity to the workout and they require the use of a few extra muscle groups

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Activity: Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Indoor Rock Climbing has become pretty popular lately, with new gyms popping up everywhere. It’s a fun social way to exercise your entire body. It also does amazing things for hand and forearm strength. The down side is that

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Activity: Swimming

Swimming as an Exercise A few days ago we learned how and why you should make your workouts fun, and swimming is a prime example. Many people have loved to swim since they where children. Other people never got the

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Workout Partner

Workout solo or with a workout partner? People ask this all the time, is it OK to workout alone, or is it best to have a workout partner? In How to make your Workout Fun, we talked about how it

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How to make your Workout Fun

Making your workout fun As I’ve said before, it’s important to enjoy working out, this will make getting those. You may or may not enjoy working out for the sake of working out. You may just want to add a

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Best Time to Workout

Is it better to work out in the morning or at night? I hear a lot of people ask if it’s bad to work out at night. I think it’s kind of silly somebody would think that, but it’s asked

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Training to Failure

Don’t Train to Fail You can’t succeed at training if you are dead. That may sound harsh, but training to failure can be serious depending on a number of factors. Training to failure is a term used to identify the

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