Training to Failure

Don’t Train to Fail

You can’t succeed at training if you are dead. That may sound harsh, but training to failure can be serious depending on a number of factors. Training to failure is a term used to identify the practice of training so hard that you are risking injury. The risk of injury isn’t limited to muscle/skeletal damage, believe it or not there is a point where training too hard, too much can cause kidney failure among other things. Before I get further into this, I’d like to clear one thing up. Too much of any good thing can be, and more often is, bad. When explaining that concept to people, I like to use food and water as an example because they are essential for life, but too much of them can kill. If you drink too much water, you can die. If you eat too much food, you can get fat and other issues may arise. If you eat too much food in one sitting your stomach can rupture, often resulting in death. Just because something has the capacity to kill you, does not make it bad for you, because anything and everything in this world, has the capacity to kill you in one obscure way or another.

Back to the subject at hand, here are a few ways things to be cautious of…

  • Strains and Sprains
    • Bad form
    • Working a new muscle too hard
    • Putting too much stress on a tendon that isn’t used to the stress
  • Scar tissue on heart
    • Excessive cardio without proper conditioning
  • Rhabdomyolysis
    • Caused by working muscles too hard, too many breakdown products of muscle tissue in the blood for your kidneys to be able to keep up with resulting in kidney failure.
  • Torn Muscle
    • Breaking your muscle strands

You can avoid all of these simply by being sure to give yourself ample rest, stop for the day if it starts to hurt,  and don’t do max intensity every day. Some of these issues won’t kill you, many aren’t likely to kill you, but what they can do is prevent you from being able to exercise regularly, sometimes for multiple months. This puts all your efforts to waste, so hopefully now, you can see that you have nothing to gain by training too hard. Be persistent, be patient, the results will come with time, just like all good things.

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