What is HIIT Training?

What is HIIT training and how can it benefit me?

HIIT training is a style of interval training that’s short for High-Intensity Interval Training. Unlike standard interval training, where the interval and rest periods are typically long, HIIT is intended to be short periods of highly intense exercise, and then a short period of complete rest (opposed to standard interval training where you either rest or do a light exercise) where you either stand in place, or walk slowly, this usually goes on from anywhere to 4 to 20 minutes. This refined form of interval training yields more fat loss in less time than standard interval training would.

What is the difference between HIIT training and interval training? Which is better?

It’s important to understand that HIIT IS interval training, it is just a more fine-tuned variation of it. One is not better than the other because HIIT is essentially a sub-class of interval training. The difference is HIIT demands very short bursts of maximum exertion, followed by a period of complete rest, while interval training is a much looser term and could refer to any style of exercise where you exercise intensely for a short period of time, then exercise lightly or rest for another short period of time.

HIIT Training

HIIT is very beneficial because you can work your body much harder, in a shorter period of time. The reason it has this effect is because you are telling your body to go fast, then once it starts to reach a plateau, you stop and it begins to try and rest/recover. Then when you tell your body to go fast again, it tries to reach another plateau, but then you tell it to rest/recover. This is EXTREMELY exhausting and you might even feel sick if you aren’t already well conditioned. Think of it like you are driving a car, you slam on the gas and start flying, then you slam on the breaks and stop. This puts much more wear on your car and guzzles gas like no other, it is very inefficient. This inefficiency is why you would choose to do HIIT though, because your body is inefficient at it, you use a lot more resources during the process.

There are two main methods of HIIT, they are the Tabata Method, and the Little Method, click on them to learn more about each of them.

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