Workout Log 6/15/2012-6/17/2012


6/15/2012 – Rest day

6/16/2012 – C25K

Week 2 Day 1 – 2.75 miles

90 seconds run | 120 seconds walk

6/16/2012 – SimpleFit

Level 3 Day 1 – 35 Rounds

20 minutes of: 2 pull-up | 3 push-ups | 5 squats



The new times on c25K are nice, wasn’t feeling all the way in it but still did fine. I’m pretty sure I’ll do better on my run today. As for SimpleFit, I showed an increase in reps all across the board. Jumping ahead to level 3 was probably a good idea, this workout felt much more taxing on my endurance than week 1 day 1 did. I think next week I’m going to switch the order and have SimpleFit lead the week, so I can have cardio always follow strength workout days.

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