Workout Partner

Workout solo or with a workout partner?

Workout Buddy

People ask this all the time, is it OK to workout alone, or is it best to have a workout partner? In How to make your Workout Fun, we talked about how it can be beneficial to have a partner, or group of people to do activities with, but in the your regular workout routine, having a partner is highly subjective.

Having a workout partner can be great, they can keep you on track and stop you from being lazy. You can experiment with different activities and compare results (things such as diet, routines, order of exercises, etc..). You’ll likely have more fun while you’re working out, you can crack jokes or talk about whatever is on your mind. Lastly, you’ll have a friendly competitive environment, you’ll push each other and you’ll both progress faster, stay determined, and have a great time while you’re doing it.

That sounds great doesn’t it, almost sounds perfect, right? Achieving this kind of symbiotic relationship is hard. Many people don’t bother trying after one or two failed attempts. In order for a workout partner to really work, you need to find a workout partner with nearly identical fitness goals and share many of the same interests. If your partner isn’t as determined as you are and slacks off or doesn’t push you, they are actually weighing you down (in the bad way). If your physical condition level exceed theirs, they may not be motivated to keep trying and will quit. You could decrease your intensity to allow them to keep up, but then you aren’t getting your full workout. It could also go the opposite way, if you aren’t as determined, or aren’t in the same condition, the arrangement might not work out. It might start off working great, but one of you may have a change of interests or goals, and if you become dependent on a partner keeping you motivated, you may lose ambition to continue.

What is your opinion on having a workout partner? Have you ever had one? Do you have one now? How is it working for you, and how long has it been working for you?

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